Resolved Commander paper printing problem


New member
Aug 23, 2023
I am trying to print my logbook on blank commander series paper. For some reason the HP printer keeps throwing an error that “can not print on paper shorter than 4.9 inches”. Obviously the paper isn’t that short so I’m not sure why it won’t print. It worked just fine when I printed the logbook a month ago. Now im trying to print the updated pages and it just keeps giving the same error. Any one else have this problem? Anyone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance!
All the printer settings were correct. What ended up working, was feeding the printer one sheet at a time. If you put more than 4 or 5 sheets in the printer at once, it would give the error. Not sure how that makes a difference but that’s how I was able to fix it. It was just a little annoying printing 130 front back pages. Feeding the printer one at a time. But hey, I got it printed.