Resolved Printer changes to incorrect margins when printing on binder paper vs reg paper for logbook


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Jul 5, 2019
I need help figuring out why my HP printer is changing its margins for printing my logbook. When I test print on reg 8.5x11 white paper the margins are correct that have been set for printing a split flight log report, however when I change the paper to the commander binder paper with rounded corners it changes the top of the page's margins from .5 inch to just a .25 on the left page but keeps .5 on the right page.

The printer must be sensing a change in paper because as a test I mixed up binder paper and regular paper and it printed correctly on the white paper and incorrect on the binder paper. I cant figure out how I can change this on my HP officejet pro 8600. Any one at NC software aware of this issue?
Hello @jbrian31

Every printer handles page setup differently and you'll have to determine what works for your setup. Logbook Pro has margins setup for each report already. Due to duplex (front/back) printing and the layout of the logbook for holes for the binder you need to pay careful attention to the report preparation. Here is an article that should assist you:

SOLVED. To anyone else that has this issue. I couldnt fix the issue with the printer changing my margins, so to get around that and as the documentation for log book pro isnt that great. I learned that as you change your margins for split book printing the software automatically changes the number of row entries that will be printed on the page. So I adjusted for the printer error by using these margins to maximize the entries on the page and account the the 1/4 inch error.

left page use :L .5, R .5, T .5 B 0
right page: L 1.5, R .5, T .25, B .25

I would have liked to get one more entry row on each page but with this limitation I cant change the left page's Bottom margins to -.25 so I am stuck with a little extra room on the bottom of each page.
I made a copy of my margin preferences and put them in the boac of my logbook. It came in handy a few years later with an old memory and a new printer. I also put directions on how to properly load the paper into the printer for duplexing. It was not as idiot proof as you would like.
... and that's why I just save it as a PDF (just the pages I need) and then take it to UPS or FedEx and have them get it right for printing.

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I bought green paper from office max and had Fedex cut/drill to match the LBP binders. Looks just like a jepp logbook now. Got the printer as a tax deductible expense. This option worked better for me and now I can print at my leisure.

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