Sorry: Printing Questions


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Nov 8, 2002
I will try my very best to make this make sense. I am now using 1.9.6 Public BETA.

I would like to print a standard looking lookbook using MGOent Perforated and Pre-drilled Pages. When the logbook is open the first half of the page should go on the sheet laying to the left, and the second half should be on the sheet exposed laying to the right... just like a standard logbook. As it stands now if I select "MGOent Perforated" as my report and then print it the first half of the page prints squarely on the Perforated page that would be exposed on the *right* when the logbook is flat open (6 holes to the left). This is obviously backwards (should print so it is square on the sheet and 6 holes to the right). Further the second half of the page prints so far right on a 8 by 11 page that it is not square in *ANY* way on the Perforated paper (so this is a margin error, it won't fit on the Perforated paper at all). So to summarize... the first half of a logbook page, the one that goes on the left... prints correctly as if it needed to go on the right. The second half of a logbook page prints in such a fashion that it will not fit on the Perforated paper at all in any direction. I have attempted to select the option for "Position for Duplex Output" and that does nothing at all.

My printer does not support Duplex without an add-on attachment (it is an HP OfficeJet 6110) but I intend to feed in the pages one by one so I can repeat and reorient the paper correctly. As it stands this is impossible anyway since the margins of the sheets are off.

What can I do to fix this? How are folks out there successfully printing a logbook that conventionally lays flat with Perforated paper?

I know this gets asked a million times but my searches of the forum have failed to provide a clear answer to the problem.
1.9.6 will fix this (first available in Beta 3 coming out in just days). You can also force the page 'slide' by using the cover page option which forces the first page printed with data to be like you are asking about. I would hold off, I have given you access to the beta forum and you'll see the new 'split/segmented' reports that resolve this entire situation altogether, once and for all! :)