Solution for printing the logbook


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Jun 11, 2003
Longs, SC
Neal asked me to post my solution to my logbook printing problems. Like most of you I have struggled with how to get the settings right to print the logbook in a readable fashion. I ad followed all the directions and had installed FinePrint but still had to resort to printing on 8.5x11 paper and trimming the pages to get them to fit in the binder. I had this little quirk of wanting to view the pages printed in the Jepp format the same way as the regular paper log with the entries for the entire flight viewable side by side when the binder was open.

I recently got an e-mail indicating that there was an upgrade available for FinePrint. The upgrade price for existing users was $10. I went to the website and downloaded the upgrade. FinePrint has made a number of changes to the user interface and have made it much more intuitive. With the new release of FinePrint I am now able to print my Logbook using the Jepp template in duplex mode on regular 8.5x11 paper and have it read correctly without trimmimg. I can also print only the pages I need to add to the end of my hardcopy logbook and have it match the earlier pages.

In order to help everybody get over the logbook issues until Neal hopefully priovides a solution which doesn't require investing in additional software I have decided to publlish my settings. I print to an HP970Cxi printer. Sorry for the long post.

After printing the report using the Jepp template and clicking on the printer icon I select FinePrint as the printer.

The settings for the printer are:

Orientation Landscape
Print on both sides Flip on long edge
Page order Front to back

Clicking on the Page setup icon my settings are:

Paper size Letter
Orientation Landscape
Margins L,R,T,B all 1 inch

Clicking on the modify report options icon:

Position for duplex Checked

I then print the report to the FinePrint printer. This displays the report output and allows you to setup FinePrint. The settings selected are as folows:

On the Preview-Layout tab

Layout 1 Up
Stationary Set as desired
Borders None
Margins Small
Leave room for gutters Checked
Printer HP Deskjet 970C Series
Double sided Checked

Clicking the printer options button on this page: (these settings may be dependant on your printer)

Paper orientation Portrait

On the settings tab:

Binding and gutter settings
Edge Left
Leave room for gutters Checked
Gutter size .25 inches

General settings
Maintain text column alignment Checked
Enable right to left page ordering on preview tab Checked

Using those settings things print fine for me.

I print the report using all dates and by right clicking on a page I can choose from the print options to print the selected sheet. I print the last 2 sheets and insert them in my binder.

Hope this helps!