Report Questions - MGOent Binder and perforated paper


New member
Dec 23, 2003
Hello All,

I just purchased the Old World style leather binder, and the perforated paper. I figured out with my printer how to print duplexed like a regular log book (front to back), but I am having trouble getting it to line up with the perforations on the paper.

I am using an HP Photosmart 7960. If I use the template for the old world binder the fields all display properly, but the margins don't line up with the perforations, and if I use the universal template. the second page with the comments runs all the way to the edge of the page.

I'm thinking there must be an easy solution that I am just not seeing. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Michael,

You can adjust the margins in the page setup area. I recommend printing on plain paper and hold up to check alignment of the perforated pages. Once you're sure all is lined up, then print away.