Printing Duplex without a duplex printer.


Nov 8, 2005
I have an HP 3150 laserjet and I am trying desperately to print my jepp style logbook the hard way. (Because I cannot figure out another way to do it) I need to print all the left pages and then turn the paper over and reload it in the printer and then print all the right pages on the back side so that when I assemble them in my binder they will read exactly as a Jepp professional logbook. Can anyone tell me step by step how to do this? How do I just print lefts and then print rights? Don't worry about explaining how to reinsert the paper after I have printed on one side, I can figure that out. The margins are another problem that I will get to later...
After many hours of reading posts and trying to print this, I finally got it. Of course I figured it out shortly after I posted my message. LBP is great software and your support has been excellent. I may still try the Fineprint software to make things easier, but at least I can get something done today.