Printing Out Jeppesen Logbook Margins


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Mar 30, 2021
Trying to print out my logbook reports with a 6.5x11" size and not able to figure out how to do this. I have a Jeppesen Professional Pilot Logbook that has 6.5x11" pages, and I would like to print the report on adhesive paper and just stick it into the logbook, but I cannot get the sizing right. Very frustrating, has anyone here figured out how to do it? Adobe Acrobat seems useless in changing margins. It will only scale the PDF but that doesn't help because the ratio I want at 6.5x11 is not the same as 8.5x11.

Thank you.
Hello @MCPilot,

You'd have to experiment on your own and yes it will be challenging as there is too much data for that size and Logbook Pro is not optimized for that. You may be better off printing letter size and then reducing on a copier/scanner and using Adobe Acrobat or some other option to get to what you want.

Instead the preferred option is to use the Cirrus Elite binders which Logbook Pro has reports for or we can do the printing for you using our turn-key printing services. Here are a few links for you to review.


At some point in time I have setup a print version for myself using Ms Access to create a different print layout. Took a bit of time setting it up to my liking but it 100% copied my actual logbook(s) etc. There you can also setup your own page layout size etc.

Like I said, involved a bit of effort (including VB for the running sum at the bottom) but works a charm.