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Printing Logbook Issues


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Sep 3, 2021
I have found that printing my logbook is tougher than expected. I have attempted making a "custom" template to fix my issues but it only causes other issues.

Why are Data Font Sizes global? I need to change the font size for one specific column so I can fit the aircraft identifiers into the given space. That requires a font of 5 in order to prevent clipping and and unprofessional look when listing tails. Unfortunately that changes the fonts for every single column and makes the overall data tough to read. I already increased the size of the rows to the max I want to allow and making all the text smaller just makes the logbook look extremely ridiculous at this point.

Is there a way to fix this or am I SOL? I can't think of any way to fix this without literally going through six years of flying and deleting all the duplicate tails that APDL imports for some reason.

Also text wrapping doesn't work well with airports. I have several lines where the last letter of an identifier goes to the next line instead of the entire airport ident.

EDIT: No I will not be paying for the $250 service.
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Fonts cannot be set per column. Please refer to the documentation and also this newsletter article for more info.
Not a great way to reply by referring to documentation that doesn't specify the global nature of fonts. All it says about columns are the dimensions can not be changed.

What is the point of an editor if you can barely change anything useful?

Kind of embarrassing for a eleven year old feature to not have some basic functions for logbook printing.
A lot of people use the custom report system to make reports suit their needs such as repurposing columns, changing column headers, changing font size, changing row height, i.e. all of the features you see in the custom report builder. Room for improvement? Of course. But also keep in mind some things people want to do are not recommended which affects layout and readability. Instead improvements to how data is sized or truncated is preferred and will be improved in the future.