Printing a Logbook

Mar 15, 2016

After years of use I would like to print a paper logbook from my Logbook Pro account. Is my understanding correct that if I purchase the turn-key printing service and the binder this will be done for me? Also after I have my logbook will I be able to either purchase the appropriate paper to print my own updates or purchase a printed copy? Thanks for the help! Any other advice to get a logbook interview ready would be a great help.
Also remember that if you include an image (jpg?b of your signature they will add the signature to each log page. I used the printing service when Comair shut down and just print the new pages myself.
Hello, can someone please help me figure out how to print the Jeppeson style logbook? I created a report, and sent it to Fedex Office for printing, but it says that the paper size would be 22 by 8.5. I can not figure out how to split it in to two side by side pages. I need to get this printed ASAP, so I appreciate any help I can get. I have looked over other postings, but I simply can not figure it out. I already have paper that is 8.5 x 11 and is drilled to fit a landscape style binder. PLEASE HELP!!!! Thanks.
You need to use the "Split Reports" option instead of the Jeppesen style option. Choose the commander binder size and it should fit 8.5 x 11 paper. Print some test pages to make sure the margins are right and the alignment is like you want before sending the entire job to Fedex for printing.
When I want to get my updated pages printed I just do it at home. As I have a one-sided printer I have to print one side of each page then the other. If you do it at home, as a test, use some plain paper and print just 3 or 4 pages to get it figured out which way to insert the paper to print the other side and in which order. After doing it once, I made a note to myself how to do it so I don't have to figure it out again each time. FedEx might be easier but doing it at home is more convenient for me and cheaper.
Since someone already mentioned FedEx. I went to office max and bought green paper like the Jepp Logbook. I don't remember the weight, but it was heavy, not quite card stock. I took it to Kinkos and they trimmed it and drilled the holes to fit the Full Size(I think) logbook that can be bought here. I got 500 sheets drilled and cut for <$15.


You could probably buy a good laser printer and use it as a tax write-off if you don't already have one.
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