Consolidation Periods


Nov 19, 2001
Is there a way to track a consolidation period? i.e. I passed a type ride Feb 21, 2006 and need to complete 100 hours within 120 days of this date. I know the currency can look at a "floating" block of 120 days but I can't figure out how to reference a fixed date. Thanks in advance

The Currency system can incorporate History events by clicking the bar on the bottom right of the currency area labeled "History Events". These are any events with an expiration date and therefore may be what you're looking for with a "fixed date." Create History events in Options...History, enter them in the History area, then incorporate them into currencies using the Currency editor.
Thanks for the quick reply and suggestion. I have created a history event for the consolidation period (event date: 02/21/06 due date 06/21/06), but this still requires me to manually calculate how many hours I have flown when the event expires (certainly not hard with your excellent analyzer function).

Maybe this is better in the wish list section of the forum as this is a standard requirement in 121 operations (121.434) and under Canadian Airline Ops (CASS 725.106)

The FAA Requires: 121.434 (g) Except as provided in paragraph (h) of this section, pilot in command and second in command crewmembers must each acquire at least 100 hours of line operating flight time for consolidation of knowledge and skills (including operating experience required under paragraph (c) of this section) within 120 days after the satisfactory completion of:…

Transport Canada requires
725.106 Pilot Qualifications:
(7) Consolidation Period
(a) The consolidation period shall take place in accordance with the time limits from the following sliding scale and shall begin upon successful completion of an initial Pilot Proficiency Check on each aeroplane type:
(i) 50 hours in 60 days;
(ii) 75 hours in 90 days; or
(iii) 100 hours in 120 days.

It would be nice to see in the “currency item” a way to specify a “date from” to base the “Time Periods”, ”Time Units”, “Requires”, “Field” off of. Thanks for your help.

This is something we'll have to look at with our next major version to see if we can build in a system to help out with this. I moved this thread to the Wish List forum so it will be reviewed at a later date.

Thank you.