Continental/CoEx Trip Numbers


New member
Oct 11, 2006
I am having difficulty importing CoEx (CCS) trips using the web-based SI v. 7 when crewmembers are assigned different trip numbers. SI always seems to assign the captain's trip number to the trip when importing, rather than my trip number (the one that appears in the trip info header, not in the crew list). The software-based SI (v. 6) always assigned the appropriate trip number. I've used both the Auto and Continental/CoEx filters, with the same result.

I have submitted a support ticket and received a response that the SI cannot determine who is importing the trip. But again, SI6 never had a problem pulling the number out of the header rather than the crew list.

Short of editing every imported trip, is there a solution? For now I'm sticking with SI6, since it has always imported properly.
I did, and it's fixed now (thanks!). I just wanted to see if others had similar problems.