Couple of questions/glitches about Palm Companion


Jun 12, 2007
Hi Neal or anyone:

I am using the Palm companion to my Logbook Pro program (not APDL).

1. With each entry, my Palm automatically logs an ILS approach. I do not want it to do that. I haven't figured out how to make it stop, either by going to the "autofill" feature in Logbook Pro or any other way. So every time I do an entry I have to change the "1 ILS" to "0." Am I missing something or is this a glitch?

2. When I do a "lookback" in my Palm, no previous flight times show up. All the times for 121 or anything show zero hours in the last seven days or whatever, regardless of how many flights I have in there. Again, a glitch? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any help.

Hello Steve,

Are you using 1.10.5, the latest version?

Are you viewing the approaches page with each flight entry or is the approach just getting entered on its own? Try going to the settings/preferences area when in the logbook screen and turn off the single click (tap) auto-entry and/or autofill and see if the problem goes away.

Regarding the "report" areas. This information is populated/updated when you HotSync after Logbook Pro is opened and then closed. Try running Logbook Pro on your PC, close it, then HotSync and see if your device's report areas get updated.
Thank you Neal. That is the version I am running.

I synched again and the lookback info showed up in my Palm, so that is good.

Each time I log a flight, when I view the "approaches" page there is always a "1" in the "ILS" field. I disabled the single tap auto entry and now the automatic ILS approach does not show up when I view the approaches page. So that is good. But I prefer to use the single tap if I can for other fields like PIC, X/C, night, etc. So if there is a way to use the single tap and still not have an automatic "1" ILS show up every time, that would be the best. Otherwise I guess I will have to choose between using single tap and erasing the "1" ILS every time, or not using the single tap and physically entering the PIC, X/C, night, etc. time fields every time I log a flight. Thanks.