Logged Credit is showing up on Short Call RAP


May 24, 2016
I have been entering the start and stop times for my RAPs and now see a random amount of credit for each day.
If you have a duty rig set up this will be an issue until we can get the payroll section worked out.
I do have Duty and TAFB rigs set but a RAP is not duty for pay purposes. I have turned them both off but that didn't change any of the days credit.
Can you upload a pic of one of those duty periods?
This is for from yesterday

Is your duty rig 1:2? If so it's possible that even though you have it turned off, it's still being used. Neal would have to confirm it.

I just created a SC RAP and it's doing to same thing so I'm sure this has been reported and will be tackled when the go headfirst into the payroll areas.
Yes the duty rig is 1:2. I just added tomorrow's RAP with the rig turned off and it did not add any credit. It appears that I will need to reenter this month and keep it turned off until payroll is fixed.
We have to get creative in this area for now. If you don't get used during a RAP then I suggest deleting them to help make your credit more accurate.
I am pretty sure this is a known issue but I could not find it in the issue tracker so I created a new case for it. It's definitely logged now. AI-3234