Cross Country column blank


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Dec 11, 2005
Using APDL SingleSync for a batch (1500+ flights) transfer to Logbook Pro does not make Cross Country entries. I believe the Autofill feature only copies duration to selected columns when making manual entries one at a time.

Making line by line adjustments will take too long. Please offer a suggestion as I need to print my logbook in about a week.

I have a similar problem that was occuring since 2003. (just noticed as I need to print my logbook soon) As of 2006 the X country portion is synced properly(the other field SIC has worked all along). Short of going back and reentering 3 years of X C entries can I force the autofill to make those XC entries based on the AC Auto fill options?
You can resync APDL to Logbook Pro manually setting the date filter and the prior years data will resync. Logbook Pro will first delete all of the APDL entries then resync them. So if you made modifications to any of the APDL flights after the APDL sync you will lose those modifications. Backup prior to resyncing (File..Archive..Backup) of you wish to try this.