Import Problem


Jun 8, 2006
I am transfering my logbook from my desktop to my new laptop.

The importing process seems to have worked except for some reason it wont transfer over any of my approaches. I have an Excel file saved in .txt

I didn't change any of the original column names from the desktop files that I used when I first bought the program.

So after selecting import wizard and tab delimited and that whole process it gets to the preview page where I put in the lables of all the columns at the bottom. It shows Approaches & Type at the top but it does not have that choice under the little scroll down menu at the bottom. It has ILS LOC VOR Holdings etc... but not one for Approaches & Type. If I just label it custom text when it loads into logbook pro the Approaches & Type label along the top is there with Duration, Pilot in Command, Second in Command etc...but there but no numbers are present. The entire column of 2500 entries or whatever it is is blank under Approaches & Type.

I guess my question is really why would Approaches & Type show up in the preview page with the numbers listed in the columns but with no label below and if I just label it custom text shouldn't that work just fine and transfer over the approaches into the correct column? Thanks a lot. Scott
Hi Neal,
I created a backup from the desktop and transfered it to the laptop. I then did the file archive restore on the laptop and for some reason it still does not show any approaches either in the logbook itself or when I view a report in Jepp format. Everything else looks normal except for that. The column is there but its blank all the way through.
Confirm the computer with the file you backed up shows approach data? I don't understand how you could restore that same data file and not see approach data. Make sure you are restoring the correct file, the one you created from the other computer. You can also try running one of the approach summary reports to see if any data exists.
Hi Neal,
Well my approach display problem is partially fixed. It displays approaches now. It shows numbers in the approach column going all the way back to 1992. The problem is it appears to have started the total over when I transferred my logbook to my laptop. In other word I probably have 2000 approaches or so but in the reports, both Jepp Split Report and the Grand Total Reports, it shows I have only seven. Seven is number of approaches I have flown since I transferred. I am reluctant to uninstall logbook pro from my laptop and try to Archive/Restore it. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.


If you have the Professional Edition and you're doing a backup/restore to another computer, and you're sure you have the right file in view, there is no reason the data would be different from one computer to another. Please submit a support ticket with the data file(s) and if necessary the file you used for your import and I'll see what I can determine.
I apologize if this is a stupid question. What do i put in the following blankswhen filling in the support ticket?
App. Version(s)*

I tried Logbook Pro Professional Edition Logbook Pro Professional Edition
and putting the new version in but nothing worked. Thanks. Scott

I reviewed your data file and you mapped your approaches into your own custom TEXT field "Approaches" which is not the recommended way to do this. Logbook Pro has its own Approaches column so you would have to map your approach types into Logbook Pro's approach types. If you are unable to do this and you want to use a custom column for your prior data then I would suggest a custom COUNTER column type, not TEXT.

If you don't see your custom column on your other computer then you'll need to go into the Options...Flight Log and click the Config Display button and make sure it's checked on the bottom section so that it appears.

Hope this Helps (HTH)