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Resolved Import Single Column ONLY


May 15, 2018
Greetings. Doing some housekeeping and have noticed that somewhere in the past my logged approaches disappeared.

I found an old .csv backup with most of what I need! Running the import wizard... I select "Approaches" and then click on the column of data I want to map to that, and I can't move forward with the import dialog. A screenshot is attached...


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Let's ask this in a different way...

I have located an older .BAK file that contains my approach data. I restored, then exported that to .csv. From there I copied the approach data into my current logbook file, also exported as .CSV. None of the approaches appear when I run the import wizard, however.
When you export from Logbook Pro to a .csv file the approach details are lost. Only the number of approaches flown is exported to the .csv file. When you import from the csv you would need to select an approach type for the all the approaches to be imported as, typically most users select ILS.

You cannot import just 1 column into an existing Logbook Pro file.

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