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APDL Import missing column CREW


APDL Beta Team
Sep 27, 2013
Rockford, IL
On the custom fields area, I’ve selected Options, Custom, Text Fields, typed in Crew. When importing from APDL to LBP, I’m having issues with the “crew” column being empty. Yes I watched the import video several times. In the Remarks Custom Template, I have Flight fno, Trip tripno, and Crew allcrew. I download .CVS file and save to the Desktop. Import wizard, file selected, MM, execute auto fill, NEXT, NEXT, Under remarks Custom I have selected import destination CREW and saved the template . After saving the import, under Import Progress it states Remarks Custom —-> 65 and not CREW. What did I do wrong. I don’t think I named something somewhere or checked a box somewhere. Before I started using APDL the trip, flight and crew would load under Remark in LBP.

Is is possible to get from APDL Remarks and Crew on the same entry line?

Also, how to I add a Non-ILS approach to LBP? I added it to APDL. I’d like to be able to have it searchable in LBP.

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Eric Addis

Senior Support Engineer
Staff member
Jan 18, 2003
Gary, Please email us at helpedesk @ nc-software.com and include a backup your desktop logbook (FILE..BACKUP TO FILE). Please also include a copy of the CSV you downloaded from APDL.net.