CUrrency Setup


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Apr 8, 2003
I am having problems with a slightly more advanced aspect of setting up currencies. An example that would allow me to complete my tasks is as follows.

In the simple case of a VFR Day currency, you can be current with (1) 3 day landings AND (2) Class 3 medical. Then, you can get just a little more complicated and note that you can also be current with (1) 3 day landings OR (2) flight review AND (3) current medical [Class 1 OR Class 2 OR Class 3].

If I put (1) 3 days landings and (2) Class 3 Medical into the ALL section of the currency creator, but my Class 2 Medical is still in effect, LB Pro will show me as not current. So, if I put (1) 3 day landings into the ALL then (2) Class 1 Medical, (3) Class 2 Medical, and (4) Class 3 Medical into the ANY section of the currency creator, it would be fine. LB Pro would correctly report that I am current if my Class 2 is still valid or if some other medical were current.

However, if I want to also add the notion of a flight review to the ANY section, everything gets messed up. This is because I can have just done a flight review but have an expired medical and LB Pro will incorrectly list me as current.

If LB Pro understood the notion of a Class 1 becoming a Class 2 when expired, then a Class 3 when expired, that a user would be able to have a Currency Item of 'Current Medical' based on the correct logic and all would be well.

Is there some such capability, or some easier way to create the accurate currency item I am seeking in some other way?
I understand your point on the Medicals, I'll see what I can do in v2. However, this can easily be overcome by putting all three of the medicals in your currency in the ANY block, that way if you have any medical current, it will work as you desire, which I think you have figured out.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.