Customizing FAR Alerts

Eric A.

Senior Support Engineer
Staff member
Jan 18, 2003
Suggestion that came in from the helpdesk.

1) FAR-type selection. The APDL defaults to Part 121, Scheduled, Domestic rules. That makes sense since that's what ACA was when Paul Auman wrote it. However, for those of us working in other types of operations, they generate spurious warnings for some conditions, and don't monitor others. Here's some examples of what I mean:
For a Part 121 Supplemental, International operator, the 30 hrs in 7 days rule doesn't apply, so it would be nice to be able to disable that warning.
For a Part 121 Supplemental, International operator, the 16 hour duty-day limit does not apply, so it would be nice to be able to disable that warning, too.
Part 121 Supplemental, International pilots are subject to the following work rules, which it would be nice if APDL could monitor and flag problems: 12 hours block time in 24 hours; 20 hours block in 48; and 24 hours block in 72 hours.
If you could find a way to allow users to customize the system to the various regulatory (and perhaps even company/contract-specific) rules that are out there, it would make your great product even better. Thanks.
Is there any verdict on these alarms? I keep getting 8/24, 30 in 7, 16 hours duty alarms on my APDL. I have extended the duty day to 18 to get rid of nuisance alarms for flag (international) operations. But I lost the protection for domestic. I could not find any suggestions how to handle this besides "we cover domestic 121 only". Would you please confirm that is the case so I do not spend time serching the forums for the answer.
As a suggestion, and hopefully simple fix, could we add feature/flag to ignore the warnings per each leg page the first time it shows up. The flag would warn you that the warning is turned off and by clicking it you could see which warning is canceled. Scrolling through several days with these warnings is really painfull as the alarm comes on 2-3 times each before the APDL finally gives up.

I am sorry but all you can do in your case is to disable the alarms by setting the alert values to a number you won't reach. We are focused on completing development of Logbook Pro version 2. Once this is complete we will visit our other products and modify them as necessary. Logbook Pro version 2 lays the ground work for updating our other products so it must be completed first. I am sorry but I cannot give you a specifc timeline.