data files


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Feb 2, 2006
I have three .lbk data files, 2 on my F drive and one on my C drive. These file sizes are different and I can't tell if the latest one is the one that opens when I launch LBP. How can I launch LBP with a selected file, so that I can figure out the latest and clean out the harddrives of the outdated ones. BTW the windows search results show the latest files are the smallest sized ones leading me to be confused as to which is the latest and has the most flights saved.

To open or use multiple .LBK files requires the Enterprise Edition. There are other programs that use the same .LBK extension such as Delta's EasyLog (it's their backup format) and Jeppesen's FliteLog, which is a much smaller file.
no, these have each been created by LBP. I don't have nor never did have the others. I think one is a backup but can't explain how the other was generated. I am only trying to sort out which is the latest and clean out the others.
Thanks, I've done that, which is the source of the confusion. The latest is the smallest sized. That is why I'd like to figure out which one the program is opening, do that one at a time, and see which one has the most complete records and eliminate the others. Thanks for keeping with this.