Data partially not saved in APDL


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Sep 27, 2002
I use ppc to enter data and download them later to LogbookPro on my computer. I had this same issue with both Dell Axim and now HTC TouchPro 2. I believe I have the latest version of the software (APDL Pocket PC; LBP 1.10.42, Windows XP)
I have entered data on 2 legs yesterday but only one was downloaded during the sync today. The data on the second leg were blank in the HTC. This happens only occasionally and I do not know if the data is missing before the download starts or if they disappear during the sync. It is always the last leg that is missing data if there is an issue – again, this only happens occasionally.
I understand that the data in APDL are entered in the database as they are being entered. Is there a way to confirm that the data are really there? I always hit DONE when entering data, sometimes even go from one day to another and back to force the screen to refresh.
Anybody has any idea what might be happening? I have atached PDASyncLog if you can see anything from there. However this log includes the data I have re-entered in the APDL.


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Please make sure you are hitting Save and then prior to syncing be sure to exit APDL through the menu system (OPTIONS...EXIT). Don't hit the X in the upper right.