Datebook Times


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May 26, 2007
When I import my Schedule from FLICA (JetBlue) I get the right local times in APDL for the logpage but my date book appears to adjust them and make them zulu times. Any idea how to fix this? Domicile's time zone is UTC-5 with a check mark for DST. Logbook time zone is UTC with no check mark for DST and Import Schedules is set to local with DST checked.


The "import schedules in" is only used by the importer. The datebook will get its times from APDL based on the "logbook timezone". If you are using Logbook Pro on your PC we do not recommend changing "the logbook timezone"
If you change your logbook timezone it may cause a loss of fidelity in your LBP logbook when you import to the PC. When you go back to look at your logbook at a later time you may not remember what part of the logbook was logged in local and the other in Zulu.

I would also suggest backing up your LBP logbook as well as your Palm backup folder before making any changes.