Delete Button


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Jul 30, 2013
Is it possible to remove the delete button from inside the flight page?

Maybe we could go back to a long press of the flight and a pop-up with the delete could appear or have a trash can on the main page.

I have almost accidentally deleted numerous flights
You will get prompted for a delete so it's not that easy to delete. The lists are completely new "things" and the long press is more complicated. I wouldn't mind a swipe to delete too. The delete button will only appear on an entered flight as you know, not a new entry. I'll see what we can do as we continue to improve this with the new user-interface.
Thanks Neal,

A swipe to Delete would be great.

I have also noticed that the flights change order once a registration is input. The flights with an aircraft registration move up the list (for the same date). Is this supposed to happen?
I'll review this, some sorting enhancements were added so that if you don't have Takeoff/Land (or Out/In) we need some way to order multiple flights on the same date. It's done by Flight Date and then Modified Time but I think we need to enhance this to Created Time so it sticks. I'll make a note for the improvement and I have a few ideas on the Deleted button as well.