Display & Summary Bar settings


Feb 14, 2002
Is it possible to save display & summary bar settings, so I don't have to reset them after I Save/Load/Backup Logbook?/forums/emoticons/smile.gif

Marius Devlin
The settings are automatically saved, you shouldn't be seeing them reset. However, your later comment Save/Load/Backup concerns me. You should never be doing any SAVE operation in Logbook Pro, it always does it automatically. If you are doing the File...Save Logbook As... option, that is most likely the problem as that WILL reset all saved layout data.

Be sure you are using 1.6.232. If you open up Logbook Pro, rearrange or resize a column in the Spreadsheet Style, or configure the Summary Bar, then just CLOSE Logbook Pro, then reopen, do the layout changes get saved?

If not, please fill out a support request from the Online...Support menu within Logbook Pro and we'll look further into your configuration.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.