DropDown Listboxes


Nov 23, 2001
Since the later builds and also in the final build 214 i noticed a rather nonstandard behaviour in using the dropdown listboxes using the spreadsheet style. Since i use almost exclusively the keyboard while entering flights, this is a little bit annoying...

Windows Standard should be using alt/arrow-down to open the list, then up- and down-arrows to select the entry then TAB to jump to the next field.

In logbookPro i have to hit enter before jumping to the next field with the TAB-key. I know, this is not a major issue, but you can solve this with the next release, please?

Otherwise a superb job with the new release!

Kind regards,


Thank you for using this forum so others may learn from your questions.

The Windows Standard Keyboard command to open a drop-down list is Function F4. Logbook Pro does comply with this standard.

I do understand the hands-on goals and Logbook Pro 2.0 will be designed much better with this in mind. Version 1.x was designed more with the mouse in mind thinking the HOK (Hands on Keyboard) users were a thing of the past. You're not the only one, others have asked the same, therefore in the next version I shall deliver (and unfortunately, this message will still be here for you to throw at me should I fail)!

Thanks again!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.