Duplicate flights during sync

Andy Adams

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Apr 23, 2008
Wilson, NC

i have had this problem at least twice before and this makes the third time. i understand that if i was to download the flights from my sync portal onto the pc and then further edit one of those flights that it would then sync a duplicate entry. the first time i caused this myself, but since then i have had two instances where i did not, or either i did it unknowingly. i think there should be some measure in place to prevent/avoid this.

i also have a theoretical sequence of events that i believe MAY cause this to happen. i'm not sure 100% if this is what has happened in my case, but it makes sense that it could.

i don't fully understand how the sync on exit feature works since the app is out of view and appears closed from my perspective, however it still syncs. we have been back and forth over the sync on start issue and not having an internet connection because of airplane mode and a sync timeout, so i'm guessing that's what is happening to me sometimes too when the sync on exit does not complete for some reason (even though i have 3G at the time). i have noticed a handful of times where the app does not sync on exit and a pending flight or two will remain on the pending screen on the next startup (i have sync on start disabled).

here's the sequence of events that i think could be happening. if i was to have all my flights for a trip entered and synced but not downloaded to PC yet, and then i verify them with my company website to confirm accuracy and i find an error. i then edit one of the flights on my app to correct it, and close the app. at this point i open lbp on my pc and download the synced flights. possibly, unbeknownst to me, the flight i edited did not properly get synced to my sync portal and is still "pending" on my device, however, a previous version of that same flight that was already synced to the my sync portal incorrectly DOES get downloaded to the PC. then the next time i sync my device to my sync portal, the corrected entry of that same flight gets uploaded to the portal. next time i download the flights to my pc, i get a duplicate of that entry. i could definitely be wrong on the sequence, but SOMEHOW, i'm getting duplicates occasionally. i think something should be implemented to try to avoid this situation

i'm not a fan of purge on sync for exactly the reason i just described, if i enter something erroneously and then need to correct it. perhaps there needs to be a way for the app to know if the pc has downloaded the flights or not, or perhaps a purge upon pc download or something.

is there a bug report or something similar from my pc that i can send to show you the exact sequence of events that took place prior to this happening?

hopefully this isn't an issue related to my phone, i haven't noticed issues since restoring it previously.
here is a screenshot of the 2 flights affected.

these two flights were entered and synced to my sync through the app. both of them i had forgotten to list the flight time in minutes in the remarks section, so i edited both of them to include the minutes.

weirdly enough, one of them was synced twice with the minutes included, and one was synced with and without. other than the minutes entry, the rest of the entry is identical. (i checked)


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Hello Andy,

The only way the PC edition is going to get duplicates is if you sync the device, sync the PC, edit a record on the device that has already been synced and NOT checking "Synchronized" as editing a record will queue it to be synced again. Therefore when you sync it will go to the portal again, if it's not on the portal to be updated as it's already been removed by PC edition it will be added and synced to the PC again. 1.1 will have an additional check to prevent duplicates on the PC edition side, hasn't been implemented yet but it is planned.