Duration Field on Schedule Importer


Jul 21, 2014
I am experiencing an issue with the schedule importer that I haven't seen before. I am importing my schedule already flown through Crewtrax. In the past , the "duration" column would have been populated by the block time that was reported by Crewtrac. It looks like this has changed to calculating the duration of the flight by LogbookPro (wrongly) ..

To give you an idea a flight like this

XYZ 123 ABC 12:00 EFG 15:00 02:00 (block time) ; is being calculated as 3 hour flight , even though it is a two hour long flight that has crossed one time zone.

The same problem applies to the westbound flight.

XYZ456 EFG 16:00 ABC 17:00 02: 00 (block time)

Looks like the importer should consider the blcok time entry in the Crewtrac line, instead of calculating it. When it calcultes , it doesn't know what time zone the plane is at.
When using the schedule importer be sure to choose the proper time zone of your source data. If your times are in LOCAL be sure to specify as such and it will convert them to UTC and make the proper calc. I have to check the code but I'm not sure it's using block, it may be calc'ing the duration as the diff between OUT/IN times but I suspect if you change the time zone option correctly it should resolve the issue. If not, please open a support ticket and include your trip data so we can investigate with your same data.