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Dec 16, 2001
First let me wish you good fortune with this project. We all will definitely appreciate your work. /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

This is a bit of an echo, but then not.

I am not a professional pilot, but I do fly a lot for family vacations (avg 700 miles from point of origin), and just for fun (once or twice a week) (about 200 hrs/yr). As such, the last thing that I am looking for is to be encumbered by features and a myriad of fields that have no bearing on that kind of flying.

What I would be looking for in a PDA component of Logbook Pro is not for it to provide a Palm version of the main desktop component (notice that I keep using the word component /forums/emoticons/smile.gif )...

I'd like a temporary repository for my flight data. Perhaps making it easy to simply collect the data over a month, to then be uploaded to the desktop application.

It would be extremely easy to use, include some flight planning support (w/b, fuel mgt, flight plan storage). Perhaps it would be configurable, with respect to what optional fields of data I want to collect.

It might store the latest 'official' tally of hrs etc for quick report/review on the PDA unit. But, that should be read only data. Updated when the unit is synch'ed with the desktop.

If you were to then develop an FBO scheduling & student management application (I think there is a ripe market for this and was going to begin work on it but have too many other projects going on), the PDA component of your system might also receive beamed appointments, logbook entries from the FBO side.

This is just my first reaction upon hearing the news that you intend to develop a PDA app. Probably, given some real thought on the matter, I will be able to be more specific.


Rob... /forums/emoticons/cool.gif

Thanks for the info, it's is of great value. I also clicked the www button and read your resume and your web site. Most impressive, and I certainly respect your accomplishments! Makes me see that there is certainly plenty to learn!

Thanks again and don't hesitate to add information as you think of it that would prove value to your flight logging needs.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.