Dec 1, 2008
I did a quick search of the forums and didn't see any recent posts on this subject. Has any progress been made on electronically logging endorsements within LBP?
Hello Bob,

We are looking into how best to do this. Simply capturing someone's signature is not a great idea, it lends to identity theft! The best solution we can offer for now is to either keep your paper logs and capture signatures the traditional way, or look at our endorsement solutions that go in the back of our Cirrus Elite binders. In this method you print your Logbook Pro data as everyone should keep a hard copy backup up-to-date and then you can continue to manage your endorsements in the back. For "inline" endorsements, a peel and stick label would suffice. Then once your page is printed and ready for your label, you can apply it and go from there.

We are continuing to research digital signature techologies that would satisfy an electronic signature without giving out an endorsers signature as an image that can be used maliciously if it gets in the wrong hands. We have to be smart in protecting your data and the information of others.