Erroneous record imported


New member
Mar 2, 2009
I did a .csv import and did not realize that a total field was included. Now I cannot locate the record that is causing a doubling of my times. There was text that was in the corresponding date field. I've tried to find the record using both the windows and the spreadsheet views. Any suggestions on how to locate and delete this rogue record?

The first place to check is the very first record, i.e. scroll to the very top of the spreadsheet data area and check the date value. It may be 200 instead of 2000 which can throw things off.

The next option is to do a File...Database Utilities...Repair and see if that resolves your issue.

If none of the above works create a backup of your data (File..Backup) and send the .BAK file in a support ticket. I'll find it for you.