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Feb 13, 2006
I have created a text file (attached to this post) that contains all of the tail numbers of existing and future aircraft. This allows you to take advantage of the 'look back' feature just integrated into LBP. By importing this file into your logbook database LBP and Single-Sync will search existing entries (in logbbook pro) for aircraft id numbers and use the corresponding aircraft make and model for any new imports from your APDL. For example, I can now differentiate between EMB135LRs and EMB145XRs. Here's what I mean:

To do this you need to uncheck the "auto-clean entries not having..." box

Next goto file, import flight log and browse for the expressjet n_numbers.txt file. MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR LOGBOOK!! all boxes should be marked as they are in this picture:

Click next and you will see this:

Click next again, here you will need to tell LBP what each column is:

LBP requires 5 selections for the import; date, duration, route, aircraft ident, and aircraft type. I used N/A for the route and 1/1/1901 for the date and 0 for the duration, (this is why we unchecked autoclean entries earlier).

Click import and LBP will backup your data and import the new data into your logbook:

Logbook Pro will only apply this to new imports your previous data will remain unchanged. If you want to apply this to all entries you will have to reimport all of your data from APDL. This is done by first deleting all of the entries in your logbook that you have imported from your Palm or Pocket PC since day 1. (BACKUP YOUR LOGBOOK DATABASE!) And set the singlesync on or after date to the first day you started entering flights into APDL. On your next sync everything will be reimported! That's it.


You can edit the information in the expressjet n_numbers.txt file by using a spreadsheet or notepad. That way you can change the Aircraft make and model to your liking. I have them as E135E, E135L, E145E, E145L, E145X.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any loss of data that is incurred by following or not following these instructions. Always backup your data especially this one!! Furthermore the accuracy of the n_number list may not be 100%, it was a copy and paste from the coair website.

Also, you can reference this post to see the problems I ran into while figuring this out. GL


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So i work for Chautuaqua so i went and took the file that you created and changed the n numbers and aircraft types and then imported the file. things look like they where going good. Then i imported my flying from my pda (almost 2 years of flying)in various EMB models and it imported them all as a 145 (my default). So my question to you is where did i go wrong so i can fix it.


Did you uncheck auto clean entries? Also, look for the fake entries in your logbook by using a date search, do they show up?
i figured it out. in your notepad file, you had the n number with out the N and in my palm it sees it with the N i had to go back to the note pad file and re import it with the proper N numbers. Thanks for the help.

i am trying to do this procedure, but some of the demo pics are missing and I seem to be stuck at the importing point. The only options are 'import wizard' or 'import schedule' and neither of these seems right... any suggestions?