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Are you asking if you can just print and sign? I don't think so, but we'll take a look at this. The intent is to provide you the data required, write/type it in to your form, then sign and deliver. The forms change, we don't like tying Logbook Pro to forms or regulations, otherwise that forces constant software updates that I'm sure you don't want. Version 2 is in full swing (development) so we will review this when that time comes.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Neal Culiner
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8710 Form

It seems as if LBP should be able to print an 8710? But I can't seem to get anything other than the flight time, under reports, miscellaneous it lists 8710 part III which is the hardest part to come up with. However, in the help file, it talks about a "my 8710 data" button, I don't have that. If not why, it was sold to my as being able to do that. In fact it was the selling point. What is the deal, Yes or No on the 8710 form? I have ver Thanks,Tony
My version (1.10.35) does not correctly state Simulator time nor does it track or make a distinction between Fligth Training Devices and Simulators.

Any suggestions?

--- Cherif

I would suggest that you download the full 8710 PDF from the FAA and manually enter your times into. Logbook Pro doesn't track FTD or PCATD time.


If you need futher assistance please submit a help ticket along with your backup file and I will be happy to look at your data for you.
You can add custom columns in Logbook Pro's Options...Custom area to track any additional columns not included in the default set with Logbook Pro. You can then use the Analyzer or various reports to get summaries of this data which you can then transcribe to your forms. We try to keep Logbook Pro as flexible as possible for our global customer base so it can be used for whatever needs you may have.

Thank you.
It would seem to me that One of the primary reasons for keeping an electronic logbook would be to help fill out those very same FAA forms. If it doesn't track the information required in those forms from the onset, then it puts into question the value of this software. (I'd be better off going back to Excel.)

The fact that Logbook Pro does not make a distinction between FTDs (PCADTs and the like) from Simulators when the FAA does, makes it veryf inconvenient for us. I am surprised that this has not yet been addressed.

I tried creating an FTD column but the system will not allow me to delete the entries in "simulator" as either it or "duration" are required fields. Now, My only solution is to treat "simulator" as a place holder for non-actual-flight-time and create yet another column "Real Simulator" and start tracking stuff separately.


--- Cherif
If you wish to turn off the AUTO CLEAN ENTRIES you can have a zero value in SIM and DURATION and log the time as you wish in your custom FTD PCATD colums.

Just uncheck the AUTO CLEAN ENTRIES...checkbox under OPTIONS...FLIGHT LOG


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OK, I know this was discussed already, but it seems the original request in this thread has been done. ie, tying LBP to an 8710, which even with IACRA is quite helpful!

Another part of the thread involved making a PCATD column. There is a Sim colum in the aircraft options. Is there no way to create a PCATD and TD so the 8710 comes out accurate? Seems this would be kind of easy (from a novice point of view I admit).

Thanks for considering.