File backup

Dec 20, 2007
After backing up my logbook to my desk top I can't open it up again. How can I back up my logbook then access the back up file.

Can you explain how you "backed it up" as clicking File..Archive..Backup would not require you to open a file again. If you did back it up properly and had a problem, you would restore it by clicking File..Archive..Restore.
one of the options you have with this program is how do you want to back up the files, and one option is to have it back up every time you shut down. This is the option that I picked. Then it asked me where I wanted to save the back up file pbrandon12-27-07bak. I chose to save to the desk top and it placed a file there, but when I click on it it says windows cdoes not know what program to open the file with. What I was thinking was back up the logbook on the desk top then I could move it to a flash drive for safe keeping.
You cannot click (or double-click) on a backup file. You simply open Logbook Pro again and it continues to use the same data file in use. If you ever want to restore a backup you have to click File..Archive..Restore. If you need assistance in getting a backup restored or your .LBK file opened, please submit a support ticket for further assistance.