Flights not syncing only some flights!


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Jan 30, 2006
I have random flights not transferring into logbook pro. I have reinstalled both APDL and APDL single sync. The problem only started after the single sync update, it had worked fine previously. The single sync will not go to previous dates as much as I try by backing up the date in the setup to fix the problem. On the detailed flight report it shows all the flights correctly. The only problem I can find is that some flights from my palm does not enter into the logbook.

Any Ideas?

Please check your Syc on or After date to ensure it encompasses your data. Also make sure your default A/C is less than 10 characters in length as there is a small bug when the A/C Type set as default in SingleSync is > 10 chars. We expect an update this week to resolve the issue.
The date in single sync matches the web page that comes up during the sync and my a/c is only 7 characters long. Everything seems to work except the info going into the log book.
I just want to confirm your Sync on or After date in SingleSync "was" set to a date prior to that of the information you are trying to get into Logbook Pro? If that is the case, close and reopen the spreadsheet style area in Logbook Pro so the data refreshes. Additionally, make sure you do not have a filter active, which is the funnel type icon. It should NOT be depressed.
All correct, sync on or after date 8/17/2005 no funnel selected and flight problems occured after single sync update only. I keep looking at the single sync file to update is logbook and that is correct the only program I have not reinstalled is logbook pro. Should I try that?
Reinstalling Logbook Pro should not make a difference. I suggest re-running SingleSync and making sure the checkbox at the top of the third wizard page is checked AND the .LBK file Logbook Pro is using is desigated in SingleSync to send the data to. If this does not resolve your issue, please submit a support ticket and include the log file (apdldebug.xml) for our review.

One final item, make sure in Options...Enter Key Code within "AirlineLog" on your device you are showing as registered. Evaluation restrictions prevent sync'ing to Logbook Pro.