Font Size on Logbook Pro Report


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Nov 19, 2001
How do I change the font size on the Standard Logbook Pro Report? I can change page format, margins, headers, footers but I can't find the font size. Can anyone help?

I'm fairly new to this fancy thing too, but I think I know a little,
When you create a report, you have the choice to make a new template:

Once you give the new customed template a name, you should be able to edit it's text atributes:

I hope that was clear enough.
Thanks for the reply. However as I mentioned in the original post I'm using the Logbook Pro Standard Flight Log. I don't like the Jeppeson logs because you have no control over the columns or the overall format and layout of the report (I want to print the fields i want on single page landscape 8.5x11 format).

I haven't yet been able to find any way to edit the font sizes in the Logbook Pro Standard Flight Log. Out of desperation, I've exported the report to Excel so I can adjust it as needed.

I understand that improved reporting capability will be introduced on an upcoming version of Logbook Pro so I suspect it just can't be done on the current version.
In this case, setting the font type and size on the main logbook entry page, will be reflected on the report you generate.

Good luck!