Go Europe with Logbook Pro, please


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Jan 30, 2009
I have been using LP for a number of years. But I can't print my logbook the way it is required in Europe.

So here's my request:

Please build the JAR FCL regulations into your printing function: Among other things this must contain not just the block time period, and flight time period (e.g. 1.2 hours) , but also the Block OFF time, Block ON time, Take off time, Landing time, noted in GMT. (eg.: BLOCK OFF: 13:20, T/OFF 13:34, LADNING: 14:24, BLOCK ON: 14:35). I know that there is one function that does print these data, but it isn't very good:

Please offer a ready-to-print template where everything that is required by JAR FCL for each flight fits into ONE LINE of ONE landscape A4 sheet!

I have just bought a German digital logbook because of that. However, Logbook Pro is so much better!
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