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Having some problems after a reinstall


Jan 10, 2003

My Treo 600 needed service recently and a hard reset was done and naturally all of my data was lost. This would not have been such a big deal except that my laptop hard drive crashed and I needed to do a reinstall of windows and all of my software. Now I had been smart enough to back up my Handspring folders to a safe place so I still have all of the APDL files in the "backup" folder. Other than the 9 mo nthly data base files what else do I need to move to a folder on my laptop and what folder do I place these files into to get APDL to see them> I copied all of the database files from the backup folder where I saved them to the backup folder that is part of the new install but APDL doesn't see the data. Are there any hotsync settings that need to be changed to get these files where they need to be so APDL can use them. Basically I did a fresh install of the software on a new hard drive and on my treo and now I need some help with restoring the data files.

Thanks for any and all help.

Rich Bucholtz