Help! NE1 out there have a copy of Mentor/Jeppesen FliteLog?


May 16, 2005
I know it is poor form to ask for support for another company's software on the NC forum, but Neal suggested I try, so I figure it is ok...besides, if I can recover my old files then I WILL purchase NCs software!

I have lost my original sw from Jeppesen FliteLog - the docs are dated 1999 == don't know the version number.

My hd crashed and I can't recover my logbook file - it would take weeks to re-type all the entries for 37 years of flying.

Is anyone out there either willing to convert my logbook file to .csv or send me a copy of the software (I am a registered owner of the FliteLog sw but Jeppesen no longer chooses to support the software and has discontinued its sale, I already checked with them = Mentor no longer maintains a website since they were bought by Jeppesen, tried that, too) to make the conversion so I can export my files to Logbook Pro?

You can PM me here, or e-mail me at

Thanks in advance!

seny a copy of the executable to your e-mail. Hope it works for you.

Thank you for trying! My file from the newer version would not open with the older version. I really appreciate you giving this a chance.

Anyone out there with a newer version than 1995?


I have Mentor Flitelog v2.42 and can send you the .exe or if you send me your file can try to load it and export ot Tab delimited or comma delimited for you. Let me know. Today is Friday, and I have a 5am show out of MIA headed for Santiago Chile, returning on Monday, so If I don't get back to you until then don't think I gave up on ya, just out working the line. Let me know what you want to try to do. If we need to, I'll Burn you a copy on CD or 3.5 floppy & snail mail it to ya, let me know. I hate to see all the input work go to waste.
shane murphy

Thanks for the reply - sent you e-mail...

The other version I tried was V1.1 so this may solve my problem.



Jeppesen FliteLog - Anyone have a copy?

I'm in the same boat as some others. I used Jepp FlightLog with a lot of entries, but had a hardware crash and lost the program. I had backed up the data file, but can't read it, and the original disk is corrupted. I asked for support from Jeppesen, and got nowhere. They've washed their hands of the program.

I would like to transfer that data into Logbook Pro, of course, rather than have to reenter everything. Does anyone know who may be providing support for the product anymore? I know some Av web stores still sell it.

Otherwise, can anyone convert my data to a CVS file? I'd be happy to pay for trouble.

Thank you very much
I have Flite Log v2.42

If anyone is still looking for help w/ their Jeppesen FliteLog files, I do have a working copy (the most recent version released I belive), and I would be happy to try & open/convert your files if you still have a need....

I am in the prosess of switching over to LogBookPro myself....

I can be reached at