Help to delete aircraft...


Jul 15, 2006
I have accidentally listed an E140 in my E145 list of tail numbers... How can I delete it out? Thanks for any help...
The problem is I have logged a lot of flights in that aircraft. I need to remove one EMB140 from my EMB145 list. I have logged three months of flying and most of it is EMB145.
Before you can delete an a/c type there must be no log entries using that type. Therefore I suggest clicking the a/c type column header to force a sort on that column, then change the types. However, when you change a type it is going to change the N-Number/Ident so the routine you'll need to use is:

-Click in the Ident column, press CTRL+C to copy the Ident, change the Type, tab, CTRL+V to paste the ident back in.

Before you do anything, backup your data file File..Archive..Backup