How about a simple update


Jan 24, 2008
I am a long time user of APDL. Used it since I got it from Paul at ACA in 2001. APDL (Palm) for the most part has met my needs for the last 7 years but my palm phone needed and upgrade. I just purchased the Mogul (PPC-6800) and Installed APDL PPC. Frankly I am quite disappointed in the software. It lacks a lot of basic features. We live pretty simple lives living out of our suit cases sitting in our dark crusty hotel rooms. When I get to the overnight, all I have going for me is a nice frosty beverage and updating my APDL logpage for the day.
PLEASE tell me APDL will get an overhaul soon. Specifically the PPC version because there is so much more room for improvement on this platform. At least some minor updates with some of the most requested features. I live pretty close to Wilmington and could even come down to help get this thing off the ground, seriously!
-Tom Detwiler
Hello Tom,

Thank you for your posts here, we typically do not respond to posts in the Wish List forum as this is an area to provide feature requests for our review in future development. APDL is designed to meet a task, the task is met in the current design but there are always areas to be improved. We have no plans to "overhaul" APDL as it is a stable and feature complete product. We will continue to improve it as time goes on and weigh in other development requirements, i.e. the next generation of Logbook Pro which is presently our focus.

Thank you being our customer and continue to provide your constructive feedback to help better the product as you see fit.