Very confused about the time in APDL


Sep 27, 2005
Use to be a PPC APDL user, then gave it up b/c it still seemed to be in the test phases and gave me many errors. Now I have a Palm Treo 755P and have decided to try the palm version. Heard it was more stable... I have only entered 3 trips over the past week or two. Two of them were entered in March, prior to DL savings being in effect. I just manually entered the trip data. I imported my trip beginning March 7th and ending March 10th. When I woke up the morning of the 9th, I clicked the DLS in effect box and expected that I would only see a change on the 9th or after; but all my times changed, even for the trips prior to DLS being in effect. I thought those times were already saved and secured??? Do I have to go back and change those local times to make them correct? What a pain? I could see, maybe, having to manually change the times for the trip you imported over DLS. Just leave before DLS alone, and change the times after b/c they sprung forward, and needed changed back to their proper local scheduled departure and arrival times. I have set my domicile (LAX) to read UTC-8 w/ apply DLS, and my logbook to straight UTC w/o apply DLS checked. I live in Virginia, but could see not advantage to having my logbook set to VA time. I just don't remember encountering this with the PPC. Any insights would be much appreciated as I am struggling for some reason right now. I used to be pretty savvy with it, but now it just does not click. When I click DLS in effect, does that retroactively change all my local displayed times prior to DLS starting? Doesn't seem like it should. I need schooled on the logic here. BTW, what is the purpose of the domicile time zone. Why do I care about configuring that piece of information. What does it feed? All I care about is that my dep/arr times reflect accurately, and that my totals compute properly. Additionally, I like the ability to switch to zulu to copy times off of the acars, then revert back to local just for reference purposes; but if DLS is going to hose all my local data that was previously recorded, what is the point. I don't have time to go change all of this. I am just running the trial for Palm right now, but need some convincing to take the plunge again. Put in a support ticket as well, but not sure it will be answered since I am not yet registered.