Need Info How can I get in contact with a Beta Tester


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Mar 30, 2007
Hey, I would like some assistance to try and verify something in APDL.

Any beta testers flying the line, no devs please; could I ask for a moment to discuss something with you.

I need someone to help me verify something. Please, leave a PM if you can assist.

Appreciate anybody that has a moment. Preferably someone that could talk voice, would go much faster.

Start a 4 day tomorrow(SWA), so if I don't get back right away; I will re-contact you when returning from my trip.

Any Help appreciated. I'll check later today, hopefully someone has a few moments.

In APDL, go to About-Credits. Find any SWA testers and contact them if need be..
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Hmm, That is really good Neal. So, if I wanted to communicate with a beta tester via Email, I get to post my Email here for everyone to discuss. I would have preferred to resolve my issue via the help desk, I just could'nt seem to convey the CSV bug in a way that apparently
you folks couldn't understand.

Decided to talk to an actual beta tester, see if they could duplicate the issue. Then maybe they could explain it to you folks, so you finally understood the bug in the CSV import.