how to carry total times forward report to report


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Aug 8, 2006

I just created a report from some specific dates. I worked for a company between these dates. At the bottom of the report it only indicates the total times from the beginning of the specified period. Is there a way to carry forward my total hours into this report?

The reason being is that I've already printed a report and had been signed off by a previous employer. I now want to print off another report and add it to my logbook and have that report signed off. However, I don't want to reprint the whole logbook and then ask all of my previous employers to resign just so I can have all of my totals at the bottom.

I'm sorry but there is no way to start a new report with totals from another report, it only totals data within the printed range. You can run an entire report and only print a range of pages if that works for you, for example, if you already have pages 1-100 printed and you want to print 101-200, then run a report with ALL DATA for the date filter, then just print the desired pages. Your totals will continue to carry forward and you should be able to continue. I'm confused though, I'm not sure what you mean by your employer signing your logs, the only signature area is for the pilot on the bottom of the right page.

Hope this helps with your question.

I'll give it a try when I get home. Thanks.

I have my employers sign off my logbook to confirm the total times are true. When I go to get my ATPL I will have to prove to my government that my flight times are real and not made up. Having my employers sign/stamp the times signals the ministry of transport that I'm telling the truth and someone or company will prove it for me. This is normal in Canada. Many pilots do this during their career prior to obtaining their airline license. It just makes for less headache...