Resolved how to correct and entry


May 26, 2021
I cant figure out how to correct an entry, put SIC entry into PIC column and have not been able to correct. Hopefully its a quick fix
Just add the value to the SIC column and delete the value in the PIC column. Click onto a different entry to save.
I tried that but I get a missing data required pop up window. I tried opeing the logbook in both spreadsheet and windows
It keeps telling me that Im missing the Aircraft Identification and type. Went into custom > Flightlog and turned off the error check, no difference. Any other suggestions?
Screenshot (1).png
Screenshot (2).png
I can't see the required columns in your screenshot. I suggest right-click and choose Configure Display and make sure the required columns are showing and that you didn't rename something, etc. If you want to reset your layout you can do so by clicking the far left button on the sub-toolbar and choose Reset Layout.
Your layout needs to be reset, please do so and some of those columns such as LogID will be hidden. If that does not work then please follow the optimization routine in the article below: