I cant enter times per leg? Really?


Mar 20, 2006
As a longtime user of APDL I loved the ability to enter times per leg. the days totals are synced into my LBP PC. I log one day per line in my logbook.

My Treo 755 finally gave up the ghost last year. I really got tired of waiting for the APDL to be released for the iphone platform and FINALLY decided to try the LBP app as a stop gap measure. I imported my trips from my airline's online schedule and sure enough the whole 5 leg day is on my LBP iphone app ......awesome

NOW I find out I have to enter the total flying for the WHOLE day!! So Let me get this straight....I must write down my times for each leg and then add them up manually and make ONE entry into my APP? Am I mistaken? This is REALLY how it works? Seriously?

Can I enter each leg on iphone and have LBP PC combine it into a single entry after it is imported/synced?

I REALLY don't want to go to a competing product like logten pro, but I really am getting frustrated.
Hi Kelly,

Try using the Time Calculator within the flight screen to track your times for the day. Start a new flight, go fly. Update the flight's Time Calculator with your leg times. Go fly again, repeat. At the end of the day the Time Calculator will give you your total times to complete your flight entry. Clear Pending Flight and Save.

Logbook Pro Documentation
Thanks for the quick reply. It IS better than manually adding it up and I see it is a NEWER feature added in response to this very problem.

PLEASE give us a status update on APDL for iphone....It seems like us loyal airline types have been on the back burner for too long. I have steered many towards your product but now nobody is interested because you are only supporting an outdated platform. Im glad the dozens of pilots using the nook and kindle can use LBP on them now.

We realize it is a huge undertaking and the nook was probably a pretty easy platform to code, but it is a little baffling as to why we are being kicked down the road for so long.

Dont delay it too much longer, word out on the line is to avoid LBP and APDL and go with the APPLE friendly product. Every day it's delayed you are losing the airline guys...and with the price of avgas, soon that's all you will have
No one is being back-burnered, rest assured. APDL is a complex product and is in development. We gave a status update in the past newsletter:


We have had record months of sales so I think the only fleeing going on is away from other logbook solutions. Nothing will touch what we have coming in APDL 7. A little more patience will pay off. We've beefed up the Logbook Pro apps to help hold over until that time. We are putting the final touches on our v3 app now with even more stuff to help you. It should be available in the next two weeks.