I really NEED SingleSync!


Jan 6, 2007
I recently upgraded to the PPC version of APDL after my old Palm finally died. I use SingleSync to create .csv files and then copy this data into an Excel spreadsheet which I use as my logbook. The problem is SingleSync is not putting the Payroll Category or Position information in the .csv file.

I read on the website that you have stopped supporting SingleSync in favor of a new import utility in Logbook Pro. I purchased this program back in early 2003. At the time I was assured by Paul that SingleSync was the alternative to Logbook Pro for backing up my data.

I have since spent many (over 100) hours perfecting my Excel log and it has several features that cannot be found in Logbook Pro or any other on the market.

I really need some help getting SingleSync to work properly. If I am forced to switch to Logbook Pro all my time and effort will have been for nothing and my Excel log will be useless.

I have some degree of programing experience, so if you could explain to me how the monthly database files are formatted I could probably write a SingleSync type program myself. Looking at them I can't tell what the rules are for finding and sorting out data types and records.

Hopefully someone (is Paul still around?) knows how to get SingleSync working again. My version is from 2003, was there a more current version that works better with PPC data that came out since then?

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I'm sorry to hear of your frustrations. Unfortunately, as you know, SingleSync is no longer supported or distributed. For those not using Logbook Pro, you can use the web based utilities on the bottom of the APDL Portal, otherwise you can sync APDL v6 data to Logbook Pro and enjoy a more powerful feature set such as reports, Analyzer, Explorer, etc.

I wish I had better news, but SingleSync is phased out.
Unfortunately the web based utilities don't work. In fact it specifically states that in order to get Instrument, Approaches, Pay Category, and Position one must use SingleSync. And who's to say you wont just willy nilly go phasing out the web based utilities too? This is totally unacceptable to just leave a large number of customers high and dry in order to try to force transition to your partner Logbook Pro.

When I purchased this software it was with the understanding that it supported export to Excel, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. In fact just a few minutes ago I did a search for your software on Google and other sites that advertise it and provide links still state that this is supported.

What good is your software on its own without SingleSync? Do you really expect anyone to just leave all their data on their palm without a way to print it? Of course not, you want everyone to buy Logbook Pro too! Well I don't want Logbook Pro. I put in over a hundred hours of work getting my Excel log working to suit my needs (which APDL always supported until someone decided to force everyone to buy more software that they don't need). LBP will not suit my needs.

Paul Auman, if you are still around, you assured me a little over 3 years ago that if I bought your software it would suit my needs. Those needs specifically included exporting to Excel, and I discussed this with you in the forums at that time. Please don't leave a good customer high and dry. I convinced many of the guys I fly with to buy your product. If you don't want to support it or modify it anymore fine, but at least make the last version available.

"Sorry, tough luck for you" is not an acceptable response.
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APDL was acquired by NC Software, Inc. June 1, 2005. Any information you were told by Auman Software, LLC is no longer in effect as of the change of ownership. However, we have worked hard together long before June 1, 2005 and long after, to ensure a smooth transition and are continuing to do so. The synchronization engine we worked months to build into Logbook Pro allows APDL users significantly more control and reliability and functionality over the previously buggy SingleSync software, hence the reason to do away with it. You will get far superior reports from Logbook Pro than SingleSync was ever able to produce. You have a solution (Excel) that applies to one, you, and therefore your statement of this affecting many others is untrue, quite the contrary, the APDL community benefits greatly from the control the new synchronization engine affords with its merging into Logbook Pro.

I wish there was something I could do to assist you, the reality is SingleSync is gone, you'll need to find another solution to the problem you are facing, nothing will bring SingleSync back. Paul Auman cannot do anything to help you either, so let's work on how we can help you with what is available to you.

P.S. Your solution may be as simple as continuing use of your Palm software which you know works with your setup.

The fact is the software you bought comes with a responsibility to serve existing customers. I highly doubt I'm the only APDL user who purchased it to take advantage of its ability to sync with other databases besides LBP.

Making the last version of SingleSync available as is would do no harm to your bottom line, unless of course you're counting on the strong-arm tactics to bring in new customers for LBP. I cannot do business with someone who uses this kind of strategy. I will not be buying the PPC version of your software at the end of its trial period.

Unfortunately when you start telling your customers what they need instead of listening to their needs you drive the customers to seek their own technical solutions. Perhaps one day soon a similar solution could be made available to all pilots for free. You'ld really only have to get it into the hands of one new-hire every few months for a year or so and they'd take care of distribution.

By the way, your way of doing business with your fellow pilots fits in well with the management style prized by my airline. Any chance you're looking for an airline management position?

Best of luck.
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Thank you for your feedback. If you wish to sync APDL to your PC it will require a APDL v6 license and Logbook Pro license, both of which can be purchased from our online store. Thank you for taking the time to evaluate our products. If you are an existing customer using APDL and the previous SingleSync, you are welcome to continue using the software products you received previously. For our latest editions which are far more reliable and feature rich, you will need our latest versions, otherwise my recommendation is to continue using what you had working in the past that suits your needs.

Unfortunately I don't have the option of going back to my Palm. It died and I have already transitioned to the PPC. I have since taken a closer look at the data files APDL uses and have realized that it will not take a great deal of work to make my own SingleSync type program to interface APDL directly with Excel. This combined with my existing Excel logbook program should work perfectly. I have changed my mind and will likely purchase an unlock code for APDL for PPC.

I do so this time with the new understanding that you may discontinue support of it at anytime you see fit. I will keep a few "little red books" handy just in case. Perhaps I will start working on a schedule importer program as well in case that's the next feature to be discontinued... And I will try to do a better job retaining the install files and codes this time.

Seriously though, no hard feelings, I understand now that this has become a full time for-profit venture. We all need to feed our families.
Well, I'm also pretty upset that I can't get my data out of my palm without spending money on a program I don't need (Logbook Pro). It's pretty rare that a company sells a product, then reduces the functionality of that product later (by removing any kind of reporting utility, as Web Reports has also been removed). I am usually pretty understanding about upgrades, but this one really burns me up. I feel cheated.

Unfortunately I do not have any programming experience, so writing something myself is NOT an option. My only option is to make sure others considering the product are fully aware of how business is done here, while I give in and give them more of my hard-earned money!

Hello Derick,

Thank you for your feedback. We have a commitment to quality and reliability ensuring the software you have in your hands works effectively. There were elements of APDL that were clearly unreliable and far too buggy for our liking. Paul worked with us in the transition to rewrite some of the major elements to help resolve many of the known issues, one major item was SingleSync. SingleSync had a lot of problems so we rewrote a new APDL synchronization engine which is driven from Logbook Pro to afford you more control over what is being sync'd to the PC. The web reporting utility was a major security issue and a threat to the servers, it had to be removed. As the reports were embedded into the new APDL sync engine, the legacy reports are generated with every sync. There are a few reports missing which we have noted and will try to get in later, however, our goal is to have Logbook Pro actually generate those reports and do away with the bridge between APDL and Logbook Pro. In my opinion having your APDL data in Logbook Pro is worth the dollars spent, you will gain far greater capability in data analysis, printing capability, and backup of your aviation career information, and many other advantages. We are growing the aviation products to further help you, sometimes we need to phase out the old and unreliable to bring in far more capable.

Thanks for responding to my little rant. I just felt the need to vent my frustration a little and I appreciate you taking the time to explain the reasons for the changes.

Just one suggestion: you may want to remove the reference to the web reporting utility on your APDL information page, and perhaps indicate that although it's a stand-alone program, it works best in conjunction with Logbook Pro. And point out that if you want to be able extract the data from the device, it's an absolute requirement.

I bought Logbook Pro and agree that the utilities it provides are well worth the money. I just wish I would have bought it because I wanted to rather than because I needed to. I know, there isn't a huge distinction.

Thanks again for the response,