Resolved Import wizard omitting flights


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May 26, 2014
Just imported my last 1 and a half years worth of flights and I noticed it omitted a recent flight. The flight shows up in the calendar online. But it does not show up when I export data. I wonder how many other flights are being omitted over the 20 month span [emoji33]



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Yeah it's assigned "block" just like my other legs. It also has all actual OOOI times filled in

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Yeah I set the export to UTC and the date range from the 7th to the 18th. It grabbed all my legs but this one on the 8th

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I tried switching from UTC to domicile, from deadhead on to off and by leg to by day. The flight on the 8th is still not populating

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The reason is the cloud side does not have an IN OOOI for you on that date. Are you using the App store version 7.1.22 or the public beta 7.9.40? If you're not using the public beta I highly recommend it and you can join here. Either way I want you to go to Settings > Sync & Backup and do a device replace cloud. Then retry the export system.
Using 7.1.22. Can you inbox my invitation code for the Beta? I signed up but never Input the info into TestFlight

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Just to be certain on the sync. I should choose "replace cloud data with Device data"? So I'm purging the cloud and replacing it with my device data?

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That did the trick. Thanks Neal. I am signed up for the beta already. Any chance you can email me the activation?

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I just noticed when i uploaded the new data I lost about 15 hours of PIC time. I'll have to go through and see what happened

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We just minutes ago discovered an issue that may be affecting you. There is some data we do not sync and we're going to have to and an example of this is the default positions such as CA-PF, CA-PM, etc. What I want you to do is go to Settings > Positions in the app and each of the top/default positions I want you to tap on each and change something, i.e. turn something ON to OFF. Then tap SYNC on the menu and then go back and set them to what they were and SYNC again. This will modify those defaults causing them to sync and then should fix your PIC time issue. We reference these positions in the exporter to determine PIC/SIC times, etc.

We are working on a better solution for all, this is new grounds for us in that we never considered sending some default settings to the cloud as the app has them by default but now that we are doing more cloud side we have discovered we need these values as well.

Thanks for your patience, this is all good findings and we'll get it fixed up.
I totally understand! I'm about to head out on a trip but I will try this when I get to the hotel and let you know what happens.

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