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Jan 21, 2002
Currently, I have the .214 version, and in this version, I ran into 2 things while using the Import Wizard:

1. When I import the column of 'Aircraft Type', I get the message box 'New Aircraft Types Require Attention' saying that I imported a new aircraft type when I actually haven't. I type exactly what I have in my aircraft inventory. For Example: In my import file (Excel File), I have 'T-44A' as type of aircraft and on the Logbook Pro Aircraft inventory list, 'T-44A' is already part of the list. Logically, I shouldn't have the pop-up message saying a new aircraft has been added.

2. When I import the types of approaches (i.e. ILS, TACAN, VOR), Logbook Pro conveniently adds them up and puts the total in the 'APPROACHES AND TYPE' cell, but when you click that cell to see the pop-up checklist of types of approaches, none of the approaches that have been imported are checked. It's completely blank. What's strange is that the number in the cell says '3' (1 ILS, 1 TACAN, 1 VOR), but the approach type checklist shows nothing checked.

I use Microsoft Excel as the source for the import and I use headings equivelent to the Logbook Pro import list. Everything imports smoothly with the exception of the above. I hope this is enough information for you to understand these 'bugs'. Please let me know if these bugs have been addressed in the newer version .226 or if it is just something I missed. Thank you for your time.
Re: #1) This message pops up when you do not have the aircraft types configured sufficiently for Logbook Pro. This is not connected to importing data. If you go into Options...Aircraft in a brand new data file, and just enter the Type, it will bark at you. Logbook Pro provides a lot of great information depending on the aircraft configuration area. It needs at least Type, Category, and Class configured, otherwise it has been programmed to drive you crazy until you do what it wants! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

Re: #2) It's late and I'm firing on two cylinders, but I'm fairly certain this issue was resolved in build 226.

Neal Culiner
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Regarding #2 mentioned in the original post, I am using version 1.9.4 and having the identical problem. I haven't found any 'newer' info regarding the problem on the boards. Any suggestions?