Importing trips AMW - directory empty


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Sep 27, 2002
Looks like I just found the way to import schedules. The APDL schedule importer on my PC does the job.

However, the online schedule importer does not. Maybe I'm missing a step somewhere. However all worked fine for last 8 month including the last update in November.

I get all the way to save file as WS-????.XML file in ScheduleImporter directory, the file is in the directory, but my PPC says it is empty. My guess is the PPC is not looking at the right directory or rather I'm saving it at the wrong one. The directory is: "C:\Documents and Settings\E\My Documents\Pocket_PC My Documents\APDL\ScheduleImporter" with E being the name of my computer when I log in. The file name is WS-22340.xml. (I tried to attach it but got invalid file message). Checking against your pdf guide it looked OK compared to the generic crewtrack bidlines.

To my knowledge I did not change anything since the last import for November/December schedule.

Since I can import schedules with my PC installed importer this question is more as a curiosity rather then a problem.

After initial problems I updated today:
APDL Pocket PC 6.0.1 (was 6.0 even after the update in November)
APDL Schedule Importer 6.0.4
APDL SingleSync 6.0
Dell Axim X50 Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
PC Windows XP Service Pack 2