iPhone Sync Question


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Jun 7, 2010
Will the iPhone version, when properly synced, take all of my previous data from logbook pro on my PC and add it to the iPhone? After purchasing the professional version of logbook pro for the PC, can I import trips onto the PC and then sync it to the iPhone? Thanks.

No, the PDA Companions are not designed to be full logbooks, they are designed to allow you to add new data while away and view snapshots of your reports from the PC edition. The nice thing with the iPhone edition and automated sync is that anytime you make changes to your PC edition data it will automatically update the My Sync portal when the PC edition closes and then when you start Logbook Pro on the iPhone it will instantly update the reports. This way the report data is always up-to-date with exception of new entries on the device and gives you great report information from the more powerful PC report generation.

Importing trips is more geared for our airline software (APDL) which will come at a later date for the iPhone. We expect this will occur after Logbook Pro 2011 is completed which we are hoping to release near the end of the year.
So, at this time, there is no way to import our schedule into the iPhone version of Logbook Pro and simply fill in the actual times/tail number and crews?
So, at this time, there is no way to import our schedule into the iPhone version of Logbook Pro and simply fill in the actual times/tail number and crews?

Only APDL, our airline product, has schedule importing at this time.
When will APDL be available for the iPhone/Touch then? It seems the current iPhone app doesn't really work for the Touch, since it closes if you aren't connected to the internet. How would this work in an airplane where there is typically no internet available, even on an iPhone in airplane mode?
In theory, that would make sense. However, the app crashes when I'm NOT connected to the internet, and stays open when I AM connected. Do I need to change one of the settings?
You may want to try power cycling your device, something doesn't sound quite right nor can I duplicate it on my iPod touch. You could try going into Settings/Synchronization and turning off Sync on Start and Exit and only Sync manually.
Well, I tried what you suggested, and turned off the Sync on Start and Exit, and the app stayed on. However, when I tried to add a flight, it crashed again and the app closed. I'm a little frustrated.
By the way, I have already uninstalled and re-installed the app three times. Not sure where to go from here.
Try the following:
  1. Open Logbook Pro PC edition 1.10.51
  2. Go into Options/Custom and make sure you have a custom column configured, if not just enter TEMP in the Time set
  3. Login to http://logbookpro.com/sync and verify your account ID and e-mail
  4. In the My Sync /Account Settings enter/verify your Account ID/E-mail
  5. Click My Sync / Sync Now
  6. Refresh the My Sync Portal that you're already logged into, verify the PC as of date is correct (now)
  7. On your device, open Safari and make sure you can connect to the Internet such as www.google.com
  8. Now go into the App and tap Settings/Synchronization
  9. Enter/Verify your Account ID / E-mail
  10. Tap "Back" to go back to the Home Screen
  11. Tap "Sync" on the top left
  12. Wait for the network activity indicator at the top to go away, wait another 1-2 seconds
  13. View a report such as the Summary Bar report, check the AS OF date on the bottom and make sure it matches your PC data As Of date from the portal. This will verify you received your PC data
  14. Now try adding a flight
Before I try this - I should be able to add a flight on the iPod Touch even though it's offline, right?
Internet is ONLY required and only used for Synchronization. This happens either when you tap Sync or if you have the Sync on Start or Exit. You will only be able to add a flight if you have the custom column on the PC side, this information sent to the My Sync portal, and then brought down to the device via a Sync. Please follow the steps I outlined for you carefully.
That actually worked great - I followed your instructions, and I was able to go offline with the iPod touch, add a flight, save it, and a little "1" appeared next to the icon for the logbook app. I went online with the touch, manually synced, and when I synced on the desktop version of Logbook Pro, the flight was added. What is the reasoning behind adding the "TEMP" field in Logbook Pro? I probably shouldn't ask, because for whatever reason, it worked.

Thanks for getting back to me so fast. Looking forward to some serious enhancements on the app side - Crew library, ship library (tail numbers, etc.) and stability! Definitely headed the right direction.
On the top of the My Sync portal is a yellow highlighted item that points you to this article. There is a bug in 1.0.0 where it is looking for custom columns but you don't have any and that causes a crash. Sadly, all of the testers and myself have custom columns so we missed this. There are a few other issue but all of them are fixed in 1.0.1 which should be getting approved any day now. 1.0.1 was submitted a week ago to Apple (June 7th).

I'm glad you got it working.